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   2020-05-21 16:23:03

The basic tact switch is a magnetic induction switch. According to the manual type, the function key of the switch is pressed, which can cause the power circuit to be turned on or off. The key basic principle is all supported by the metal material shrapnel inside the switch. Bounce to keep the power circuit conducting. However, if the actual operation of the tact switch is not good, even if there are some subtle problems, the rear is caused by the situation that causes damage. Let me talk about the common faults and symptoms of tact switches.

What are the common fault symptoms of tact switches

Fault Symptom One

Because the volume components of the tact switch are generally relatively small, there are many insufficient problems in the application of the switch, such as not to go too often to the function key switch, because each time the internal shrapnel of the switch is moved, it suffers Certain wear resistance and fatigue, when it exceeds a certain frequency, the rear will cause the destruction of the switch.

Malfunction two

Basically on the storage of the tact switch, in order to avoid the discoloration of the terminal section and the air oxidation state of the shrapnel inside the switch, please do not need to avoid high temperature, high and low temperature natural environment or the place where the sun shines, to prevent it from being harmed by the rear. The quality characteristics of the switch are applied.

Malfunction three

There were also many problems when the switch malfunctioned at that time, and it was generally noted that it was not necessary to carry out disassembly and assembly without permission to solve at will. For example, it is a very risky practice to produce a switch that reflects a lack of dexterity and to perform actual operation and repair without authorization. On the one hand, there is no technical professional overhaul of the natural environment and technical professional technical mastery, but there are many high-end electronic equipment. The actual operation must be carried out in a natural environment that blocks dust, because the dust will contain the actual effect of conductivity. As a result, not only the failure problem of the maintenance switch, but also the rear position will lead to the difficult lifting situation of the secondary maintenance.

Fault Symptom 4

At this stage, most of the tact switches will have a certain increase in resistance after temperature control and life testing. What is the reason for this? In fact, the total area of the switch's shrapnel and PIN pin touches is biased. If the total area of the touch is small, the switch will not touch. Once the switch is not touched, it will cause a poor feeling. Therefore, in order to prevent harm to the practical effect of the switch, try to pay attention to the resistor problem of the switch. The shrapnel and PIN pin are relatively high for the electroplating process. If the plating process is good, the resistance value will be low, and the rear is for the wear resistance of the shrapnel. The lower the service life will be.

Fault condition five

Secondly, most of the staff have shown that after the switch is generally welded, some function keys are not pressed. In fact, this will cause some safety hazards and failures in the welding process. During the whole installation process of the switch, it is close to the switch and the PCB. When the red glue is on the PIn pin assembly, if the hole of the stencil is slightly larger, the red glue will be easily injected into the switch, so If there is something dirty inside the switch, you must remember to dispose of it properly. Otherwise, it will undoubtedly jeopardize its itinerary, which will lead to the general state of the switch not pressing.

In summary, if there is some corrosive taste in the application of the touch switch, it will be caused by the loose condition, and it is generally not easy to have great problems. If the application finds that the equipment has flashing flames and scorched odors, it should first turn off the switching power switch and terminate the application of the touch switch. The rear must ask the relevant professional and technical personnel to carry out overhaul and solve, because this is a technical level problem for some routes connected to the touch switch, it is all very complicated. Never avoid blindly solving the problem by yourself, so as to prevent it Some of the hidden security risks are generated.