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   2020-05-21 16:26:23

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the development of high requirements for people's quality of life, more and more touch switches in our modern life are gradually integrated into the power of science and technology and the factors of technology, and touch in our real life The switch has been gradually applied to real life. The touch switch breaks through the traditional design and traditional manufacturing mode in the form, and gives us a new feeling and a distinctive style design in the form. At the same time, the inner design Give us the most perfect design and manufacture for technology, let the power of technology gradually integrate into it, let the power of technology fully play into real life, I hope more industries can apply this kind of product.

The tact switch is a commonly used component in many electrical appliances. Various problems often occur during use. These problems can be better solved and will play a better role in the use of the tact switch.

The tact switch is a widely used switch. It is impossible to leave it in the current electronic industry, especially the consumption of consumer products is very large. Such switches are widely used in: computers, stereos, headphones, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, audition machines, telephones, toys, lamps, fax machines, printers, medical equipment, smart watches, smart wearable devices, laser pens, mice, keyboards , Induction cooker, TV, DVD, bread machine, electric oven, household equipment and other electronic products.

With such a wide market usage rate, major consumer manufacturers cannot afford to lose. For example, the quality of the switch is often abnormal when the goods are shipped, so it is undoubtedly a great trouble for the manufacturers and the economic losses caused by it are also impossible. estimated. Therefore, we often say that to believe in the power of the brand, a large tact switch manufacturer should have the ability to control the quality, effectively help customers solve problems, and let our customers have no worries.

1: The feel of the touch switch?

Many customers have been responding, and the samples sent by many suppliers are very consistent in feel, but the feel will be different once mass production. In fact, this problem is very common, we all know that the feel of the switch and the button force are controlled by the shrapnel. We often say that shrapnel is divided into phosphor-copper shrapnel and stainless steel shrapnel. At present, many manufacturers choose phosphor-copper shrapnel in order to save costs. Phosphor-copper shrapnel is more cost-effective, which is why it is widely used. However, the phosphor copper shrapnel will change after the furnace temperature, and the shrinkage is more serious, which leads to a bad feel. Using stainless steel shrapnel will not have this problem, but the cost of stainless steel shrapnel is relatively high, which has led many manufacturers to take the risk of choosing phosphor copper shrapnel. Therefore, you must ask the sub-question clearly when buying a tact switch.

2: Tact switch does not turn on lightly?

Many consumers often find that when they press the button, they do not respond when using the product. It takes a lot of force to press, and the product has a functional response. Because our switches are all exposed to air, many finished products are not sealed, and consumer electronic products require heat dissipation. In wet weather, the shrapnel of the switch is easily oxidized, and the contact performance after oxidation is not as good as before, that is, there is a problem that the tap does not turn on. Many consumers also removed the switch and found that there will be a small black spot on the shrapnel. This small black spot is the effect of the oxidation of the shrapnel. Therefore, it is recommended that electronic products that we do not normally use should be placed in a relatively dry place, and prepaid electronic parts are oxidized.

3: The problem of the resistance value of the touch switch is too high?

At present, many customers are not very familiar with the resistance value of the switch. In general, our switch resistance is controlled below 30m ohm, so the contact performance and life of the switch are very good, but some switches have passed the furnace temperature and life test The resistance value is high. What effect does a high resistance have on the switch? If the resistance is high, it means that the contact area of the switch's shrapnel and PIN pin is too small. The small contact area will cause the switch to not contact, and once the switch is not contacted, it will be bad. Therefore, everyone should take the resistance of the switch seriously. The shrapnel and PIN pins have relatively high plating requirements, and the resistance value will be low after plating. After the life test of the switch, the surface of the shrapnel will wear out. If the plating is thin, the resistance value will be high, and the switch will be bad.

4: The bubbling problem of the touch switch?

The main material of this switch is our LCP material. Every time our material supplier comes in and before injection molding, we will have a process. This process is to dry our plastic material, which is also said by the industry. Quenching. So what is the main purpose of quenching? The purpose of quenching is to dry the wet moisture contained in our plastic materials, and to achieve the drying effect using our plastic materials. After quenching, we are carrying out my next step, which is our injection molding process, and then we will assemble and inspect our products and package and ship them.

After so many processes, why does our tact switch have an abnormal phenomenon of blistering after finishing the furnace? Let's take a look at the photo on our left. The blistering of our switch is still relatively serious. In fact, the problem is also very simple. Our SMD process will generate high temperatures. The LCP material itself is a high temperature resistant product, which is also very in line with The problem with the materials in the SMD process is that our first process is quenched. When our plastic material is quenched, if the material is not completely dried, our plastic material will have a certain amount of moisture in it. For the next process, it is difficult to find that it will blister without high temperature operation, so we will have a PCB experiment in the inspection step.

5: After pressing the switch over the furnace, it doesn't work?

A good switch can't be pressed after the experience of reflow soldering, which is very pitiful. Many customers are responding to this problem, so what caused it? The SMD switch is closely attached to the PCB, and the PIN pin will be solder paste. If the hole of the steel mesh is slightly larger, the solder paste can easily flow into the inside of the switch. If there are foreign objects in the switch, it will definitely affect its stroke. The most common thing is to press it. Another situation is that the sealing performance of the switch is not good, and the flux flows into the inside of the switch, so the problem comes. Therefore, it is recommended that customers pay attention to this problem during the production process. In particular, everyone is reminded that this situation is the most frequently encountered on the market, and sometimes it is difficult to explain to customers. Some experienced factories will eliminate this problem very well.